Thursday, December 13, 2007

December 13 2007

"What Are You Wearing Today?" For December 13 2007.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

December 1 2007 -- 3 Months -- 90 Days

Pictures taken at the end of month 3.

It was around this time that the jeans came in their first contact with water. They were soaked in the bathtub in lukewarm water, just to temporarily loosen up the fibers of the denim and freshen things up. As a result, the denim "gained weight" and began to fall a bit better. First indications of long-term color can be seen in the thighs and the seat. The shapely fades are a result of objects kept in pockets -- wallet, phone, Zippo, etc.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

November 13 2007

How the jeans fit after two and a half months.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

November 1 2007 -- 2 Months

Pictures taken at the two month mark.

Even after approximately 60 days worth of wear, the jeans still maintain a rugged, boxy stature due to the factory starch of the denim, and haven't completely taken shape at this point.

Friday, October 12, 2007

October 12 2007

A detailed shot was taken to catalog the wear up to this point. Being an occasional biker, the seat of the jeans is a heavy traffic area.

Monday, October 1, 2007

October 1 2007

October 1st concludes the first month of the contest, and I took my first set of monthly evolution pictures. Further down the line, these monthly shots are taken outdoors in natural sunlight to provide a more accurate depiction of color and wear.

A commonality with this particular Texas-made denim -- the "raw" dark navy blue color quickly gives way to a slightly lighter, much more vibrant blue hiding just beneath the surface. This can be seen at points of stress or constant abrasion, such as the lap whiskers, knee honeycombs, and creasing stacks at the bottom of the hem.

This contrast in color can be seen better at an angle. It is subtle.

Monday, September 24, 2007

September 24 2007

At the three week mark, the jeans wrapped me in a way more suitable for high-distance travel (meaning more than 10 feet before wincing in pain.) To celebrate, I went for a hike followed by a bonfire.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

September 6 2007

Nearing the end of the first week, I took some obligatory "shitty mirror pictures" to depict how the jeans are shaping up. It is at this time that the jeans begin to take shape. There is absolutely no physical wear to speak of during this time. The "whiskers" (natural creasing along the lap/upper thighs) have just begun to set in, whereas the "honeycombs" (natural creasing behind the knees) took shape almost immediately (due to the slim leg.) "Scuse the chub."

This is the slimmest raw jean that I've ever owned. Actually, it is the slimmest jean I've ever owned period. I was treading dangerous waters with a size 30; as my true waist measures 31 inches. Thankfully, the jeans were "vanity sized" to a degree and fit without hassle.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Skull Jeans by An Alchemist 5010XX 6x6 "SJC"

September 1 2007 was the official start date for the Skull Jeans 5010XX 6x6 contest, or "SJC."

For those unfamiliar with the concept of a jeans contest, it is a friendly competition amongst a worldwide cast of participants to see who can achieve the most visually-pleasing wear in a single pair of jeans over a set amount of time (usually between six to twelve months.) Skull is a brand that hails from Japan, who specialize in western-themed clothing and reproduction denim (citing the Levi's 501 cut from 1955 for this particular jean.) This contest in particular lasts one year, and is endorsed by Skull Jeans being hand-made and hand-numbered. "S.J.C." is also written on the leather patch with white paint.

The jeans for this contest were sold in a "raw" state, meaning they were dyed, cut, sewn, and shipped. Out of the packaging the jeans are very stiff and harsh to the touch, and are characterized by a deep navy blue color and slight sheen of factory starch to keep them stiff. The 5010XX 6x6 cut from Skull is notoriously rigid from the start when compared to most other raw denim jeans. The break-in process is somewhat painful and the jeans do not begin to contour to the body until approximately two weeks have passed. If you were to wrap your legs entirely with Brillo pads covered with a duct tape shell, that would give you a good idea of how these jeans felt in the first 48 hours.

SJC was born on the message boards of MyNudies, a Nudie Jeans fan-made website. Shinichi Dozono is our bilingual best friend from the flagship Fab Four/Skull Jeans store in Harajuku, and is responsible for getting this contest up and off the ground. He also maintains a photo log of all participants; much like this blog, but with less blabber and more pictures. That can be found here: Skull Jeans Contest Gallery

"enojy" is my nickname on various message boards including MyNudies, so I opted to have them personalized as such for the sake of the contest. Pair #23 of #39 belongs to me.